Best Salsa Albums of All Time with Video Clips

Enjoy my personal list of the greatest Salsa Music of all time. Click the BUY ALBUM link to read and listen more on the album from amazon. Also watch video of a song off the album (some of the videos are live renderings of studio tracks on the album).

Some artists produce great songs which don't dance to well, while others make sizzling dance tracks without carrying a great tune. Few manage both. But who's complaining? In any case, most of the albums I've deemed "not very danceable" actually contain pretty good dance material for beginners - the great dance albums might be a bit too "duro" (hard) just yet... and - don't let the often garish clothing and tacky video production distract you from the superb music!

P.S. It's always a bit of a pain when videos disappear from YouTube due to "copyright infringement". Dear artists and record labels: chill! Isn't this the best free exposure you can get?

Isaac Delgado - Exitos

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Packs a number of this Cuban star's killer tracks on one album. Great value considering that his normal releases are of varying quality. The complex intertwining percussion and bass is a Cuban speciality which isn't always good, but check out the two absolutely masterful examples on the right.

Yuri Buenaventura - Yo Soy

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Yuri gave the title song to the (very mediocre, avoid) 2nd "Salsa" film. This is quality Salsa. Has some real great dance tracks.

Rey Ruiz- Exitos del Rey

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Rey's older stuff is just addictive. What a voice, what songs! And a rhythm section which positively cooks even when playing mellow songs! Medium danceablilty.

Rey Ruiz - Mi media mitad

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One of his oldies but goodies.

Rey Ruiz - Porque es amor

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Nice tunes, groovy, medium danceablilty.

Yuri Buenaventura - Vagabundo

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Another masterpiece from this great Colombian musician. I imagine other stars envying what a tight backing band this man has.

Celia Cruz - Mi vida es cantar

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A great mix of styles, killer dance tracks. Probably her best album. Alas, the Cuban Queen of Salsa is no more.

Grupo Gale - En Su Sitio

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Really, really groovy, but not that good for dancing. Colombian Salsa at it's best.

La India - Mega Mix

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What a voice! Has a lot of remixed tracks from her hit "Dicen le Soy" album but I like this one much better. Unfortunately, none of India's songs have the right punch to qualify for good dancing.

Puerto Rican Power - Men in Salsa

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Punchy, tight, hot dance floor stuff with great tunes. The Frank Ramos Bachata cover at the end is cool too.

Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra

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No real Salsa here except parts of the title track, but a must-have classic Latin album. Her best.

Raulin Rosendo - Donde me coja la noche

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Packed with killer dance tracks. Nice songs too. This man from the Dominican Republic sure knows how to churn out sizzling Salsa! His best.

Marc Anthony - Contra la Corriente

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Marc's best album, Salsa Romantica at it's best. Sugary but very, very nice.

Willy Chirino - Afro-disiac

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Wow, what can I say. This Cuban-American can do no wrong. One of his two best. He received a Grammy and has been around for decades!

Willy Chirino - Baila con migo

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Another wow album. One of his two best.

Willy Chirino - Cuba Libre

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Many nice duets, many with a traditional Cuban flavour. Willy is a virtual guarantee for quality music.

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